Improved and extended cooling simulation in Moldex3D 2020
18. Nov 2020

Improved and extended cooling simulation in Moldex3D 2020


Do you want to optimize your cooling times and at the same time reduce time and costs for the production of your components? Moldex3D 2020 has various new features that enable you to do just that. Learn more in our article ...

Cooling is the most time-consuming part of the injection molding cycle. Reducing the cooling time can lead to enormous savings. The new version Moldex3D 2020 includes numerous improvements and extensions, including for cooling simulation. New functionalities are available to the user, with which potential problems such as hot spots, shrinkage, warpage, residual stresses, etc. can be predicted even more accurately and the effectiveness of different cooling channels evaluated. It is also possible to not only  analyze the component but also the entire mold. Optimize your cycle times, part quality and production time with Moldex3D 2020.

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