Digital workshop by SimpaTec on PIAE 2020 Workshop
29. Jul 2020

Digital workshop by SimpaTec on PIAE 2020 Workshop

Snap of SimpaTec's workshop

The PIAE has been the established industry event for over 40 years. With around 50 contributions from automotive manufacturers and suppliers, interactive workshops and world cafés, the conference will present the latest plastics applications in the field of interior, exterior, engine, materials and technologies.

We are pleased that the event could be held this, even though in a different framework than foreseen - namely digitally. The exhibition, with atendees from the entire value chain, provided the ideal setting for networking with the specialists.

We would like to thank the numerous active participants who attended the workshop this morning which was held by by Cristoph Hinse, Managing Director SimpaTec, and Fabien Buchy, Managing Director SimpaTec SARL (see pic) with the topic: "Benefit of process and mechanical calculation and its optimization". They truly contributet to its success!!

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