Digimat 2021.3 – improves daily work life!
07. Jul 2021

Digimat 2021.3 – improves daily work life!


The upcoming new release of Digimat 2021.3, being the ultimate cutting-edge multi-scale material modeling technology that helps speed up the development processes for plastic & composite materials and structures, has numerous further developments ‘up its sleeve’. Users can look forward to multiple enhancements, a significant increase in the quality of the component, a more efficient workflow and new options and handling improvements. Read our article to find out what exactly is ‘in store’ …  

The time and effort that has been put into developing the new features and functionalities have surely been well invested and worthwhile. Amongst others, users can now expect various innovations and improvements especially for the following areas:

_ Additive Manufacturing
   _ Improved post-processing
   _ Performance improvements
   _ Accuracy enhancements

_Virtual Material Development
   _ Import custom woven from DFMA
   _ Predicting EMI shielding
   _ Import as-manufactured RVEs from Volume Graphics

_ Virtual Allowables
   _ Support for low-energy impact
   _ Improved solver performance
   _ Enhanced support for external solvers

_ Material eXchange
   _ Addition of filters for recycled materials
   _ Simplified workflow for mass generation of hybrid parameters
   _ Reverse engineering for FFF and SLS

_ Effect of processing
   _ Integration with CAEfatigue
   _ Forming Limit Diagram (FLD) for sheet metal
   _ Weak coupling with Abaqus and LS-Dyna
   _ Ease of use NVH workflow with MSC Nastran

These are to name but a few of the upcoming new highlights in Digimat 2021.3 - all of which will help companies to overcome hurdles and be more effective in product development and optimization as well as being more competitive.

We are happy to provide you with more information and details. Please contact us: + 49 (0)241-565 276-0 or send us an email to sales@simpatec.com.

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