Concept opens up new hoizons!
06. Dec 2018

Concept opens up new hoizons!

SimpaTec International Usermeeting

In March, more precisely again on March 25 and 26, 2019, SimpaTec, competent partner in the holistic development and optimization of injection molded components, invites all users to the International SimpaTec User Meeting in the UNESCO World Heritage "Zollverein", Essen, Germany.

Traditionally, our annual usermeetings have a high priority. The popularity and the consistently positive response from the circle of participants in recent years shows to thoroughly and steadily expand this path. Thus, FOR THE FIRST TIME, users can look forward to a completely new concept, which offers even more content and space for information exchange and discussions.

The focus of the two-day event will be set on practice-oriented technical contributions by our users. However, the topics this time include the entire scope of SimpaTec’s CAx products. The presentations are going to be held in parallel sessions for the entire group of participants. A particular emphasis will be set on Moldex3D, but also users of Digimat, T-SIM, B-SIM and 3D_Evolution | 3_Analyzer | 4D_Additive are cordially invited to catch up in separate topic-specific presentations, workshops and discussions. The conference language is English.

CAx Products:
Moldex3D – Reliable, consistent and accurate results
Moldex3D is the leading 3D CAE software solution for the design and optimization of injection molding processes and provides reliable, consistent and accurate results from the initial development stage to final component manufacturing.

Digimat - Non-linear, multiscale material & structure modeling and additive manufacturing
Digimat is a state-of-the-art material modeling technology that accelerates the development of plastics, composites and structures. The gap between manufacturing and structural performance is bridged and the non-linear micromechanical behavior of complex multiphase composites and structures is accurately predicted.
(Digimat is a registered trademark of MSC Software Belgium S.A.)

T-SIMThermoforming Simulation
T-SIM is the simulation tool for modeling the complex manufacturing process of thermoforming, a forming process for thermoplastics characterized by large deformations of polymeric materials.
(T-SIM is a registered trademark of Accuform‚ Czech Republic)

B-SIM – Blow Molding Simulation
B-SIM is a software package to visualize and simulate blow molding. Manufacturing processes where thermoplastic preforms are stretched or squeezed and inflated into a mold cavity.
(B-SIM is a registered trademark of Accuform‚ Czech Republic)

3D_Evolution / 3D-Analyzer / 4D_Additive
3D_Evolution©, 3D_Analyzer and 4D_Additive - the leading software suite for collaboration in multi-CAD environments, designed for a seamless, integrated process and ideal 3D printing. Automatic healing as well as specific repair functions allow simple corrections of design errors.
(3D_Evolution©, 3D_Analyzer und 4D_Additive are registered trademarks of CT CoreTechnologie, Germany.)

An accompanying exhibition section will again be part of the event and rounds off the conference program. Selected companies will have the opportunity to present their latest product developments and trends there. SimpaTec is extremely pleased about the involvement regarding the exhibitor area and already wants to express a thank you for the friendly support and the additional offer of enhancement of knowledge available for the participants.

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