„BIMS Online Courses“
19. Jun 2020

„BIMS Online Courses“

Brand NEW! Welcome to the BIMS online courses!

To this day more than 2,100 participants have attended a BIMS seminar (BIMS 1 - Understanding Injection Molding of Thermoplastics| BIMS 2 - Understanding the Mechanical Properties of Thermoplastics).  Since a personal contact is currently limited, we are extremely pleased that Dr. Vito Leo has decided to offer chapters from the BIMS seminars as online courses.

For those of you who do not yet know Dr. Vito LEO, he is a physicist by profession and has been working in the field of plastics processing and physics for more than 30 years. Vito’s seminars are easy to follow by using simple wordings and a minimum of mathematics to explain the connections and mechanisms of complex processes.

So far Dr. Vito Leo offers eight different online courses, which are essentially inspired by BIMS-1. The rheology courses can be booked individually or in packages: Bundle "Unfilled Polymers" (I and II, exclusively unfilled polymers), as Complete-Bundle (I, II and III) and as COMPLETE-I.M. Bundle (all 8 courses). In order to make the selection easier, a free intro video will give an impression of the offered contents of each course. Have a look and choose the online course that suits you best.

In parallel, preparations are well on the way to offer both seminars as compact online courses on fixed dates. We gladly keep you up to date on this channel.

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