Automated reporting has never been easier
20. Apr 2022

Automated reporting has never been easier


A good simulation report is beneficial to achieve both accurate paramater settings and correct results. The generation of such a report can be time consuming in preparation. Moldex3D already offers suitable tools to generate automated reports based on individual needs. The upcoming Moldex3D 2022 version will additionally have new features that minimize the effort considerably.

Up to Moldex3D version 2021 R4 standard templates are already available to the user, which can be accessed with the Moldex3D report wizard. Here one can already export important information from the results into an excel sheet or presentation with a fixed defined view of the simulation model and add appropriate tags. These tags are located in the Studio-Report-Tag-LookUp-Table, which can be found in the Moldex3D installation directory. The "Corporated Design" can also be included, there are no restrictions here. The Moldex3D report wizard recognizes the images, texts, graphics and values from the results using the tag-lookup-method. In the picture above you can see the standard template and the completed simulation report with, for example, the filling pressure and temperature tag-lookup-strings.

In the Moldex3D 2022 R1 OR version, more features will be available. For example, one will be able to save different views of the simulation model with the desired results and then retrieve them as a tag in the template. Furthermore, it will be possible to compare up to four runs with each other.
You are running out of time - but you need quick help! SimpaTec will be happy to provide you with a customized offer, including report template creation based on an example and your individual needs. Afterwards, you will receive a detailed introduction, so that you can independently create such templates or make changes in the future. We are looking forward to your inquiries.


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