Are you well-prepared and up-to-date for 2021?
09. Dec 2020

Are you well-prepared and up-to-date for 2021?


To ensure that you can continue to run your simulations smoothly with the current Moldex3D Version 2020, we would like to provide you with some important information in advance:

Operating system and server:
_ Moldex3D 2020 is certified for Windows 10!!!
                _ Windows 10 series
                _ Windows Server 2012 R2 (KB2919355 or newer)
                _ Windows Server 2016

_ 64bit system already in-house? Moldex3D 2020 is only compatible with 64bit systems!

_ Do you have a stand-alone or floating license in use? With a floating license it is necessary to install a license manager for the administration of Moldex3D-2020 licenses on a license server that meets our hardware requirements.

_ Linux systems are only supported for calculation purposes. Linux systems cannot be used as license servers.

Our hardware recommendation for you:
_ We recommend Intel® Core i7 / i9 or Intel® Xeon® E5, 32 GB or more, SSD hard drive, NVIDIA Quadroseries/ AMD Radeon Series graphics card - we will be happy to advise about the perfect hardware configuration.

Not sure if you are well prepared on the hardware side? Send us your hardware configuration in advance - we will be happy to advise you on the perfect solution - contact us at

Important notice***
_ Please note that there will be no technical support for Moldex3D R16 and older releases from 2021 onwards.

Look forward to faster calculation times, significant improvements in RTM and foaming, a high-performance, team-compatible data management system (iSLM)! With Moldex3D 2020 it will be even easier to identify and evaluate potential sources of error in the process, tool or component and to realize a cost and quality optimized design - smart manufacturing becomes reality!

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