3D_Analyzer – Perfect geometry analysis and validation
09. Feb 2022

3D_Analyzer – Perfect geometry analysis and validation


The software is the perfect solution regarding component comparison, wall thickness analysis, collision testing and undercut analyzes. Equipped with powerful graphics and super-fast interfaces, the 3D_Analyzer opens and analyzes even large assemblies at impressive speeds and easily imports neutral and native formats.

By means of the component comparison module individual parts and assemblies of various formats can be compared with user-defined accuracy to identify differences in shape. Variations are highlighted in color. Furthermore, an exact mathematical calculation efficiently prevents expensive errors from unintentional edits and conversion errors and avoids time consuming manual inspection of CAD models

Collision detection enables a high-performance and collaborative digital mock-up environment and can be used for assemblies of all major CAD formats.

By means of the backlash checker it is possible to calculate in a matter of seconds between which components critical distances are undercut. In order to be able to examine the design of a 3D model, critical internal gaps, which might lead to problems during manufacturing, are also displayed.

The indication of wall thickness from the Advanced Compare Module automatically finds areas of critical wall thickness. With the help of intelligent measurement, filter and display functions, it is easy to analyze the results and identify critical wall thicknesses.

The software-supported analysis saves valuable working time, improves the quality of the development process as well as the products and avoids expensive changes already in the early phase of product development.

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