15 years SimpaTec – How time flies ...
17. Jul 2019

15 years SimpaTec – How time flies ...

... taking a walk down memory lane!

The term “how time flies!” fits perfectly. It almost seems like yesterday that Cristoph Hinse, Managing Director and former then CEO Dr. Reinhard Haag, who sadly passed away in August 2012, decided to channel their independent professional commitment in the plastics sector to found SimpaTec GmbH in Aachen.
Believe it or not but this was in 2004 and SimpaTec, now one of the leading engineering and software companies for the plastics processing industry, has the pleasure to celebrate its 15th anniversary this year and proudly looks back onto one and half decades of experts’ knowledge and support to develop and optimize processes, components and tools.

How it all began …
Having the well-thought-through concept and appropriate tool ‘so to speak’ aboard, the first step lead the two pioneers to the “AGIT” (Aachener Gesellschaft für Innovation und Technologietransfer mbH) for start-up consultancy meetings and to develop a safe and sound business plan. Even after 15 years Miss Havva Coskun-Dogan, Authorized Representative from the company, remembers their get-togethers as though it were yesterday and recaps as follows:
“Both men were not blue-eyed "beginners", they understood their subject very well and could prove some years of professional experience. Furthermore, the players of the market were well-known to the two gentlemen and the supplier’s as well as the customer side were also familiar to them. My questions, which really went into the nitty gritty bits, could all be answered in detail. On the basis of this first interview I could see that in addition to the motivation and the profound industry knowledge, there was also the willingness and openness to work on the entrepreneurial topics. These were three very important prerequisites that were fulfilled for a successful foundation. I am very pleased that SimpaTec GmbH has grown steadily since its foundation, and that we can count on it to be a down-to-earth, sustainable, reliable and innovative company in our region and beyond the borders.”

Getting started …
Designers must often make quality and cost conscious decisions at short notice before the final component is produced. It is essential to use the appropriate tool in order to effectively use ones resources regarding analysis, assessment and review one’s component ideas.
In search of such a capable tool which precisely displays the design and optimization of the injection molding process realistically and reliably, first contacts with CoreTech System Co., Ltd, software pioneer and manufacturer of Moldex3D, were made. The decision was the absolute right one, today it is the market leading 3D CAE software tool in the plastic injection molding industry

Dr. Venny Yang, President of CoreTech System Co., Ltd, remembers the first business encounters with a smile on his face and SimpaTec would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his kind words to this special occasion:
“Congratulations to SimpaTec on reaching this significant milestone—15 years of serving as a world expert on plastics engineering simulation!
SimpaTec has pioneered the application of Moldex3D’s simulation solutions to help companies tackle the most complex challenges of plastics design and manufacturing, enabling companies to leverage smart manufacturing solutions to respond rapidly and effectively in the ever-evolving manufacturing environment. We believe that our joint efforts will continue to benefit companies in the manufacturing sector and help them drive growth and stay competitive in global markets.
SimpaTec is truly a valued partner that is fully committed to Moldex3D’s success. Looking back on our journey to transform traditional 2.5D simulation into revolutionary true 3D technology—which once was described as “mission impossible”—the journey is filled with hard work and perseverance and it would not have been possible without SimpaTec’s dedication and support.
Once again, on behalf of the Moldex3D Team, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate SimpaTec on their milestone of 15 years in the plastics engineering industry, and we look forward to continuing a trusted and fruitful partnership with SimpaTec in the next 15 years and beyond.”

Spot on - First customers stepping aboard
One of SimpaTec’s philosophies is to place the customers into the limelight and assist with its expertise, experience, ambition and the complete overview in the use of state-of-the-art software technologies to define new standards in the holistic development and optimization of processes, components and tools.
15 years is a time span which is truly paved with more than one memorable milestone but the ones, which will definitely not be forgotten, are when the first customers stepped aboard. Thinking back surely creates emotional moments. Thanks to Prof. Dr. med. Henning Stoll, then IKT, and also Dr. Daniel C. Attanasio, at the time working at Daimler AG, for not only placing their trust into the then version R8 of Moldex3D but also into the entire SimpaTec team. Numerous customers, nationally and internationally from the most diverse industries followed these pioneers, today SimpaTec looks with pride on a steadily growing circle of customers.

Spot on – Corporate scripts
SimpaTec’s corporate identity had different “faces” throughout the years and adapted perfectly to the changes of time and was also somewhat a trailblazer for the industry. Initially, engineer related and technically devised, one then had the courage to take on more emotional, bold and later even adventurous, heroic paths. Unforgettable and quite polarizing the market still remembers such motives as for example "simulation wrapped as a work of art" (2010, picture left) or the superheroes - Miss Moldex, Mr. SIM, Mr. X ... in their role as an "effective task force" (2013). Latest CI rumors have it to be somewhat exploring the movie world ...

But no matter in which scenario SimpaTec operates, the script remains, the call to everyone – to overcome barriers, to think beyond ones borders and conquer new horizons no matter how bold they appear. Break your limits!

2012 – Sad moments …
Sad moments unfortunately also had an impact on the 15 years company history. Unexpectedly, and forever unforgotten, Dr. Reinhard Haag died on August 29, 2012 after a long, serious illness at the age of 51.

That "the future of the German industry lies in high-quality plastic parts that cannot be produced without simulation," was something Dr. Reinhard Haag recognized very early and he founded SimpaTec GmbH in Aachen in 2004 together with his business partner and friend Cristoph Hinse. Due to his dedication, energy and perseverance, he has been instrumental in making SimpaTec one of the leading engineering and software companies for the plastics processing industry. Dr. Haag will always be remembered by SimpaTec as a professional simulation expert, pioneer and visionary with a generous heart.

Spot on - Activity scenes and locations
Traditionally aiming to provide high-quality content, SimpaTec provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on the latest developments, functionalities and tips & tricks covering the entire range of plastic-specific issues relating to tool, product and process optimization, at seminars, trainings, trade fairs, conferences or annual Usermeetings. Many venues have been arranged, induced and lived by SimpaTec over the last few years. Thematically, not only the simulation software tools of SimpaTec's extensive product portfolio are at the center of the approximately 150 to 200 events per year.

For example, since 2012 SimpaTec has organized the successful seminar series "BIMS" for Prof. Dr. med. Vito Leo exclusively for the Germanspeaking countries.

“A very large part of my professional career has been devoted to the injection molding process and its modelling and simulation. Over the years, I met many professionals in the field, customers, suppliers, competitors or fellow specialists. Once in a while, you end up finding someone with whom you have a strong link, and the professional relation also becomes a true friendship. Having met Cristoph Hinse at various occasions, and at one time, having spent two full days in a Moldex3D training session with him, we quickly realized that we had to find a way to work together. Since 2012, SimpaTec has been organizing the "BIMS Seminars Series" for a better understanding of the injection molding process and the mechanical properties of thermoplastics. Many interesting and successful sessions have taken place so far. In future we want to hold further seminars together to give even more participants the key to success for the optimal design of plastic components (BIMS 1), material selection, component design and component performance (BIMS 2). The expansion of the BIMS series with further specialist topics is being considered and  already in progress. "

Spot on - 15 years - what a party it was and still is
Inseparable from the company's 15-year history, are, of course, the Usermeetings. Today, the SimpaTec Usermeetings, alternating yearly as Germanspeaking and International, are an integral part of the events calendar and an indispensable means of communication with the ever-growing group of customers. In 2010, around 30 participants followed the first invitation to the event, taking place in Aachen at "Schloss Rahe", the former headquarters of SimpaTec. In March 2019, more than 150 participants took part in the SimpaTec International Usermeeting at the Zeche Zollverein in Essen. This shows that SimpaTec has steadily and continuously refined and expanded its sense for having the perfect balance of content, discussion opportunities and an appealing supporting program.

The unique industrial and technically affiliated location didn’t only offer the perfect environment to introduce the completely NEW concept, namely to present the entire CAx product range of SimpaTec at a Usermeeting, but was also the perfect ambience to celebrate the 15-year company anniversary in a worthy and extensive manner. According to the motto "LET'S CELEBRATE", the festive evening had something in store for everybody: a very special time journey into the historical industrial past of the former coalmine or the “oh so funny” former coal miner who told inside stories which brought tears of laughter to everyone’s eyes and the delicious culinary treats strengthened everybody for the undisputed highlight of the evening - the "Billy Boyz". The band really shook up the crowd with their great live music and encouraged the one or the other to loosen up and shake their hips on the dancefloor. The icing on the cake, literally speaking, was presented by Christoph Hinse, Managing Director, who had the honor to officially cut the cake, which was especially baked and labeled with 15 years SimpaTec – yummy yummy! Let’s Party!

SimpaTec continues to party - whether it being at MiDay Germany on September 17, 2019 in Balingen or in October at K 2019 in Dusseldorf (hall 13, booth 13/A94) - and is already looking forward to “clink glasses” with customers, business partners and all booth visitors to duly "celebrate" the 15th company anniversary! Cheers!!

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