Moldex3D Professional

Verification and optimization of plastic components in addition to Moldex3D eDesign

Analytical look inside the component

Moldex3D Professional enables the unrestricted mapping and simulation of all possible design versions. The analytical look inside the component and the exact analysis of the component properties help to optimize the process even before a component has been manufactured.
  • Variation

    Illustration of all design versions.

  • Automation

    Fully automated Moldex3D eDesign meshing technology for modeling.

  • Designer BLM

    Generation of high-quality meshes of randomly complex component geometries using the BLM method (Boundary Layer Mesh).

  • High-performance parallelization

    Complete parallelization enables high-speed calculations.

CFD Analyses, cooling channel designer & BLM

The flow behavior of the tempering medium is completely mapped three dimensional within the simulation and coupled to the process simulation. Temperature distributions and pressure losses as well as local flow rates are available to assess the temperature control. 

The structural viscose behavior of the plastics requires a good resolution at the surface layers in order to be able to accurately predict the influence of the shear rate on the pressure profile and the temperature distribution during the filling process. The BLM (Boundary Layer Mesh) method, developed for this purpose, guarantees the required resolution for component geometries of any complexity. High-quality calculation meshes can be generated easily and reliably.