24 Feb 2022 16:00 - 17:50
in Digital | Time Zone CET

SpotOn "Importance of Materials"


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04:00 pm (CET, Berlin, Germany)
10:00 am (EDT, North Carolina, US)
09:00 pm (ICT, Bangkok, Thailand)

You are cordially invited to take a look at our free event series SpotOn. The focus is on the subject “Importance of Materials”.

Choosing the right material with the appropriate mechanical and processing properties is decisive, for example to reduce failure rates in production, to meet economic and ecological requirements, and ultimately to add value to the finished product. Unexpected behavior in the production process or component properties often causes in the materials used.

For detailed analysis, verification and optimization of injection molding processes, components and tools the implementation of modern, powerful simulation tools is firmly established. Numerical calculations analyses, iterates and optimizes component behavior, advisable adjustments or possible effects on the manufacturing process. For high-quality simulation results, the quality of the material data is also important. Correct and accurate material data are absolutely necessary to be able to run reliable CAE analysis.

We are looking forward to our guest speaker __ Anton Sageder, Fa. Borealis, who gives us a practical insight into anisotropic material behavior of viscous materials. We are already very excited to learn about the latest news and tendencies in this field.  

How pressure-dependent material data influences injection molding simulation, impressively demonstrate __ Nina Krempl and Dr. Ivica Duretek, Montanuniversity Leoben, with their technical presentation. Thank you for the insight!

Furthermore, __ Dr. Vito Leo, Co-Founder and Partner of plasticsYOU, will contribute a presentation about the importance of shear stresses in injection molding and our __ Cristoph Hinse, General Manager of SimpaTec, will discuss the importance of materials for 3D CAE simulation calculations in his presentation "Digital twin - Material".

The event will be moderated by our __ Florian Aichberger, Sales Engineer, SimpaTec Austria. You are welcome to ask questions in the chat during the entire event. We are happy to answer the most important chat questions in the discussion at the end of the SpotOn.

Broaden your horizons and find out about current developments in the field of materials.

16.00 "Welcome to our SpotOn's"
           Florian Aichberger, SimpaTec
16.10 "Shrinkage and Warpage prediction - Importance of Materials?!"
           Anton Sageder, Borealis Polyolefine GmbH
16.30 "Influence of pressure-dependent material data in injection molding simulation"
           Nina Krempl und Dr. Ivica Duretek, Montanuniversität Leoben
16.50 "Importance of shear stresses in injection molding"
           Dr. Vito Leo, plasticsYOU
17.10 "Digital twin - Material"
           Cristoph Hinse, SimpaTec
17.30  Discussion of the chat questions

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