Optimization of the component behavior using runner modification

Detailed diagnostics of the flow behavior

With the MeltFlipper® technology, the flow behavior of the plastics in the gating system is carefully analyzed and optimized for constant filling in the cavity as well as between the cavities.

By slightly modifying the runner the fill operations can be controlled, influenced and a regular flow behavior can be achieved. Non-uniform behavior of the flow inside the cavity but also between the individual cavities can be efficiently optimized and scrap rates and cycle times reduced whilst ensuring higher productivity.
  • Optimization

    Detailed diagnostics and optimization of the fl ow behavior of plastics

  • Balancing

    Ensures constant fi lling processes inside the cavity and between the individual cavities

  • Modification

    Gate modification for single and multiple cavities, cold and hot runner systems

  • Influencing factors

    Identification and verification of influencing factors on the flow behavior

Factors influencing the flow behaviour

During the filling process often very large differences in pressure, temperature, viscosity, and material characteristics occur in the cavity due to a non-uniform melt-flow. This misbalancing is caused by the flow behavior of the melt in the cavity.

The viscosity of the polymers is affected by the shear rate and temperature. By increasing the shear rate, the viscosity decreases. Any increase in temperature reduces the viscosity.  The highest shear rate is directly beside the frozen surface layer. The shear viscosity and the shear heating reduce the viscosity in this area.

The MeltFlipper technology is used very successfully in all conventional injection molding manufacturing processes, single or multiple cavities, cold or hot runner systems.


MeltFlipper technology is a registered trademark of Beaumont Technologies Inc., USA.

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