What’s New in Moldex3D 2021?
05. May 2021

What’s New in Moldex3D 2021?


The new release Moldex3D 2021 goes, so to speak, another step beyond simulation and makes smart manufacturing a reality! No matter what stage of production you are in, with Moldex3D you will find the necessary key factors into the next manufacturing revolution.

In Moldex3D 2021, even more comprehensive, in-depth and detailed simulation capabilities have been developed, making plastics companies much more competitive. In addition, more powerful analysis modules have been integrated into the system to meet different customer requirements in various industries. Responding to a faster-changing market in Industry 4.0, Moldex3D 2021 extensively helps companies realize seamless integration of design and manufacturing and produce world-class products within tighter timelines.

Amongst others, users can look forward to significant changes or optimizations regarding the solver, pre & post processing, as well as the data base and general usability.

With Moldex3D 2021, it is now even easier to identify and evaluate potential sources of defects in the process, tool or component and to realize a cost- and quality-optimized design.

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