Visualize, analyze and share using the 3D_Analyzer
03. Mar 2021

Visualize, analyze and share using the 3D_Analyzer


The software is the perfect tool for displaying and analyzing all common CAD formats. Furthermore, precise measuring, cut and annotation functions based on B-REP Models are possible. A fast creation of exploded views is available using automatic or manual functions.

Equipped with powerful graphics and super-fast interfaces, the 3D_Analyzer opens and analyzes even large assemblies at impressive speeds and easily imports neutral and native formats.

Yet the 3D_Analyzer has even more to offer, as it is not only a viewer for all major CAD formats but on top of that provides a wide range of easy to use and powerful 3D inspection computations such as: component comparison, wall thickness analysis, collision testing, clearance detection and draft undercut analysis.

If you wish to easily export the CAD files as 3D PDF formats or save the analysis results in the same format and share them with colleagues, suppliers and customers, you can do so by using the integrated 3D PDF converter.

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