'The ball is back in play 😊!! ...'
15. Jul 2020

'The ball is back in play 😊!! ...'

Finally!! The ball is back in play 😊!!
The soccer-free time is over ... this also accounts for 'our' soccer team 'TuRa Freienohl'!

The soccer team of TuRa Freienohl resumed training at the sports facility in Ohl. The first ones to pick up their training operations were the so called 'Senior-Men's-Team'. Of course, all required hygiene and infection prevention measures are implemented at the sports facility. The football department is aware of its responsibility towards its athletes and coaches. All involved are happy about to regain a piece of normality.

We wish 'our' TuRa a lot of success and good luck for the re-entry! We keep our fingers crossed that the Covid19 situation will continue to soothen and that soon spectators will celebrate the achievements with due applause!

Meanwhile it is hard to imagine the city of Freienohl without the TuRa Freienohl 1888/09 e.V. club. One in four of the approximately 4,400 inhabitants is a member of the association. Active sports are practiced in seven sectors: Soccer, gymnastics/athletics, handball, table tennis, swimming and volleyball. A special focus lies on the work with young people - currently, more than 500 children and young people are active sports members.

As early as 1910, the gymnastics and athletics company in the gymnastics club faced serious competition from football. By building up a football team: "Fußballclub Adler", the ball game club 1909 was founded in 1911 (by mistake, when the ball club was registered with the local administration, the year of foundation 1909 was taken from the statutes of a neighbouring club). Besides the sport disciplines of athletics and gymnastics, football is thus one of the oldest sports in the TuRa Freienohl.

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