Spontaneity is sought after 😊 - SpotOn „Warpage Analysis“
18. Aug 2021

Spontaneity is sought after 😊 - SpotOn „Warpage Analysis“

SpotOn!!! Where? When? Why not?
What are the main causes of warpage or shrinkage in my component? Which suitable preventive measures should be taken when? What tools are available? What kind of corrections are recommended to guarantee dimensional and assembly accuracy of my component? Find out and register now for our today's SpotOn "Warpage Analysis", Thursday, August 19, 2021, 4:00 p.m.!!! 

Let's go! & ACTION!
This SpotOn focuses on the identification of possible causes as well as the illustrative presentation of suitable preventive measures whilst using simulation. How can I analytically approach the prevention of shrinkage and warpage in components? Which preventive measures are particularly suitable for my components? When and how is it advisable to use filling simulation as an effective tool?

This SpotOn brings you up-to-date with the latest technology and uses a concrete case study to consistently show how possible causes of such phenomena can be analyzed, iterated and ultimately - by means of suitable countermeasures - avoided. Get started now and take part spontaneously!

You can expect vivid, informative technical presentations from our guest speakers:
__ Dr. Vito Leo, plasticsYou, and known for his BIMS seminars, will give us interesting insights into the heoretical background of warpage in general. Then it gets colorful and really practical
__ Jan Stothfang, B&W Software GmbH, Andreas Siedler and Mr. Karl Soldner, Festo, will show us the advantages of early coordination between simulation and metrology in article development, which can lead to a much more stable prediction of part quality during the development phase. You can expect a practical insight into the current state-of-the-art and methods used by Festo to avoid phenomena such as warpage and shrinkage. Additionally,
__ Marc Kurz, SimpaTec, will present current analysis and optimization options regarding  "warpage". Learn how to use Moldex3D to quickly and reliably identify the most diverse causes that can lead to shrinkage and warpage in plastics and which cause has the most significant impact on the affected components. The event will be moderated by
__ Torsten Wicke, SimpaTec, who holds the threads together and will answer your questions in the chat throughout the entire event. The most important chat questions will be presented at the end of the SpotOn in a final discussion round.

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