SimpaTec SARL acquires Elirro
03. May 2021

SimpaTec SARL acquires Elirro

In 2009, SimpaTec, competent partner for the holistic development and optimization of injection molded components, decided to intensify and expand the company's own radius of action beyond the borders of Germany. SimpaTec SARL was founded and since then has taken on the overall responsibility for France, Belgium and the Netherlands. SimpaTec SARL is extremely pleased to announce to now expanding its scope of activities even further with the acquisition of Elirro – a company based in Ambérieu en Bugey located in the Ain region. Increasing its presence throughout this region is a significant and valuable step to allow SimpaTec SARL to get even closer to the famous "Plastic Valley".

Elirro was founded in 2012 by Mr. Olivier BERTHONNEAU and the company focused on all aspects cohering with injection molding simulation and design verification. The special experience acquired throughout the last decade will certainly increase and strengthen SimpaTec SARL’s expertise and open up new possibilities in terms of state-of-the-art technologies and taking care of the needs of all the existing and future customers.

Elirro is a name derived from the Esperanto language, the choice was to find a simple name that is universal and easily understood by all and that symbolizes the progress possible with rheology for the plastics industry.
As the meaning of the word suggests, SimpaTec SARL will continue to progress, move onward and make advancing leaps, but above all the company will continue to live by its philosophy of helping customers by providing reliable simulation solutions and thus helping part designers and mold makers to efficiently and effectively master their daily work and at the same time still achieving the best possible economic success. 

The entire personnel of Elirro will become part of the SimpaTec team. Fabien Buchy, Managing Director of SimpaTec SARL, proudly accentuates: “We are extremely delighted about this exceptional opportunity given to us and are more than happy to now have such an experienced, competent and skillful business enterprise aboard to mutually conquer new horizons and to master the exciting opportunities and tasks that come along with this new milestone.”

Convince yourself how the company can be a competent partner for the plastics processing industry by combining high-quality simulation and customer-oriented consulting services, making the path to product and process optimization as short and efficient as possible. Break your limits!

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