'SimpaTec Crosses the Atlantic Ocean'
16. Apr 2021

'SimpaTec Crosses the Atlantic Ocean'

SimpaTec opens up new realms and crosses the Atlantic Ocean - what better way to live by one’s own corporate Slogan: “Break the limits” thus thinking beyond ones borders and conquering new horizons. SimpaTec, competent partner in the holistic development and optimization of injection molded components, is proud to announce to now also being a reseller of Moldex3D, the leading software solution for designing and optimizing the injection molding process, in the US with its own location.

The new office facility is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is strategically well-suited to intensify and qualify the company’s activities enormously and is in close proximity to all relevant market topics. “We believe this to be the ideal location and conditions to establish new business relationships, to steadily expand them and to realize our striving future plans in the American, Canadian and Mexican market”, explains Cristoph Hinse, CEO of SimpaTec Inc.

SimpaTec is also pleased to proclaim its North American partnership with CONTURA® MTC, a leading company in the development of mold temperature control concepts, which makes SimpaTec also the ideal partner for all engineering services evolving around conformal cooled mold inserts for small or large components – hence achieving shorter cycle times, improving the quality and the surface finish and reducing costs. Mr. Reiner Westhoff, Managing Director of CONTURA® MTC, emphazises: “We are extremely happy to have such an experienced, competent and skillful partner situated locally in the US and who therefore is able to intensively look after the needs of all the existing and future customers. We truly look forward to a fruitful cooperation”.

The current and prospective customers are sure to benefit from this geographical expansion. Why? SimpaTec is now present on three continents (America, Europe and Asia) which means that the company is not only in near physical distance to their customers, but also that the different time zones are easily mastered, which is, amongst others, extremely time saving and guarantees efficiency. Furthermore, a “round the clock availability” in terms of technical support, trainings, etc. can be ensured – whilst adhering to the local languages and mentalities. Another major advantage of the firm’s global presence is that the market-specific requirements can be covered, realized and performed.

SimpaTec is extremely pleased to be able to mutually conquer new horizons and to master the exciting opportunities and tasks that come along with this new milestone on this side of the ocean. Convince yourself how the company can be a competent partner for the plastics processing industry by combining high-quality simulation and customer-oriented consulting services, making the path to product and process optimization as short and efficient as possible. Break your limits!

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