SimpaTec announces reinforcement of the management
03. Apr 2020

SimpaTec announces reinforcement of the management

SimpaTec, one of the leading service and software companies for the holistic development and optimization of processes, components and tools, is extremely pleased to appoint two experienced and long-term employees, Marc Kurz and Steffen Paul, to the management board.

Marc Kurz – Work experience per excellence
Marc Kurz, previously an authorised representative and branch manager in Reutlingen, will now primarily concentrate on the Legal, Quality and Finance divisions. Of course he will also continue to perform his administrative tasks for the branches in Reutlingen (Germany) and Linz (Austria) as well as the competent support of our clients in southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

In 2005 Marc Kurz completed his studies in plastics engineering in Würzburg, Southern Germany, and started as a project engineer for hot runner systems and injection molding machines at Husky. 2007 he moved to the Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Production (IFP) in Karlsruhe and took over a manager position at a mold maker in 2008. Parallel to these activities, he founded an engineering and services company, KurzTec in 2007 where he has been working full-time since 2010 on technologies related to tool and mould making and injection moulding simulation.  
A consequent step in his professional career was to strengthen the SimpaTec team as branch manager of the Reutlingen branch in February 2013.

Steffen Paul - Allrounder and absolute sales professional
Steffen Paul, so far branch manager in Weimar, will take over responsibility for Sales & Marketing and Human Resources divisions. He will, of course, continue to perform his administrative duties for the Weimar branch.

Steffen Paul successfully completed his studies in 1994 as a mechanical engineer. In the first years of his professional career he concentrated on the distribution of software packages for CAM applications such as hyperMILL and DCAMCUT. Ready to take on more responsibility very early on, he was responsible for technical sales and engineering project management of CAD software packages such as CADdoctor from 2001 to 2012. Increasingly, the topic of injection molding simulation also gained influence on his work. A logical step was taken in January 2013 when he joined SimpaTec and not only strenghened the team as branch manager in Weimar but also enriching the technical sales and project management with his enormous expertise and previous professional experience.

"Spreading the management tasks over several shoulders is a consistent and important step resulting from the successful development of the last 15 financial years. With Marc Kurz and Steffen Paul, I am extremely pleased to have experienced managing directors with enormous expertise in technical sales of innovative injection molding technologies as well as in the field of coupling rheological and mechanical simulation technologies at my side", confirms Cristoph Hinse, general manager of SimpaTec. "An enormous gain in the area of accountability. This allows me to face new challenges and long-planned tasks - true to our company motto "Break your limits".


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