Satisfied Participants !!!
20. Dec 2018

Satisfied Participants !!!

BIMS Seminar Series

Far more than 2,000 satisfied participants confirm that we are to continue the BIMS seminar series ('Understanding Injection Molding of Thermoplastics' and 'Understanding of the Mechanical Properties of Thermoplastics') under the patronage of Prof. Vito Leo in Germany. The participants of the last events in Jagsthausen from November 20 to 23, 2018 were more than impressed, how Prof. Vito Leo succeeds to convey in a clear understandable way the connections and mechanisms of complex injection molding processes using simple words and a minimum of mathematics.

"A top-class expert training that represents real added value. Such a deep understanding is rarely conveyed."
<< Frank Schroeter, TE Connectivity >>

"An eye-opening experience" skilfully and memorably conveyed with many insights that can be applied to problems in everyday working life. "
<< Verena Keil, TE Connectivity >>

"A very good opportunity to deepen ones knowledge in the field of injection molding."
<< Festool GmbH >>

"Prof. Vito Leo is not only an outstanding specialist in the field of plastics, but he is also able to explain complex facts comprehensibly."
<< Bachmann Technology GmbH & Co. KG >>

"The BIMS seminar provides a compact entry to deal with the injection molding process far off from the usual literature. In the very intensive 2 day seminar you get a good overview of what is really important in injection molding from a physical point of view."
<< Anton Stöhr, ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH >>

"The seminar gives a good insight into the processes involved when it comes to failure of plastics at the molecular level. The seminar materials are well prepared and suitable for repetition in self-study."
<< Autoliv >>

We are very pleased to be able to offer you further BIMS 1 and BIMS 2 dates exclusively in Germany.

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