Optimization of the wall thickness distribution using T-SIM
10. Feb 2021

Optimization of the wall thickness distribution using T-SIM


The fully automatic temperature optimization in T-SIM gives the user the possibility to obtain a uniform wall thickness distribution across the component by varying the temperature of the semi-finished product.

The constant wall thickness distribution of the parts is one of the most desired goals in the thermoforming process, which influences important values such as mechanical properties, permeability, appearance, increase in material efficiency and others.
Many thermoformers and machine manufacturers are already aware of the fact that the temperature of the material plays the most important role within the thermoforming process, and only by complete control of this setting parameter can the desired molded part - wall thickness - be achieved.
Technically, temperature profiling on the machines is carried out with the help of radiators or, more precisely, heating plates.

From a simulation point of view, the T-SIM software not only offers the possibility to predict the temperature distribution, but also to optimize it.
After a thermoforming simulation calculation has been conducted and by entering a temperature range (e.g. 145 - 165°C) into the software module developed for this purpose, one is able to start a fully automatic optimization routine and calculate the temperature profiling. The mathematical calculation of this profiling is presented in the form of 9 successive simulations triggered by a batch processor. In the course of this routine, different heating patterns and resulting simulation results are compared. The optimum temperature profiling of the semi-finished product and wall thickness distribution of the component are presented in the last simulation calculation.
The heating pattern calculated in the simulation can be transferred to the machine in the form of a heating matrix. This matrix can be divided into 200 x 200 rows and columns and thus the temperature of each pixel on the heating plate can be configured.

Benefits of temperature profiling can also include reduced material stretching, increased wall thickness at critical points or even the prevention of wrinkles.

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