NOW available - 14-day free trial period for MSC Apex!
30. Sep 2020

NOW available - 14-day free trial period for MSC Apex!


Do you want to boost your ultimate CAE productivity and predict more precise component behavior? Then don’t miss the opportunity to grab the chance to sign up for an automated 14-day free trial period for MSC Apex.

MSC Apex is a tool that offers a unified CAE environment for virtual product development as well as innovative technologies for geometry preparation, such as automatically generating and joining center surfaces or moving edges and surfaces interactively. This accelerates the process from the CAD model to the finished mesh. When the geometry is simplified, repaired or changed, the mesh is automatically updated. The model is automatically checked for readiness for calculation and errors are listed, so that even the first calculation delivers useful results. If the entire model has been calculated once and only parts of it change in the next variant, only the changed parts are recalculated. This is the innovative computational parts principle and saves computing time for variant calculations.

Other outstanding assets from MSC Apex, for example, include: direct modelling, mesh and mesh editing, integrated solver methods, linear structural analysis, postprocessing, etc.

SimpaTec and MSC Software are pleased to mutually provide you an ideal opportunity to indulge deeper into the software and to benefit from all the other strengths and advantages it has to offer. All you have to do is follow the link below and sign up for the 14-day free trial period, which has been automated. Registering online will guarantee a quick receival of your personal trial version and all data involved as a pending approval is not necessary.

Extremely good reasons to take the chance to subscribe now.
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