New Mesh Tools in Moldex3D 2020
08. Oct 2020

New Mesh Tools in Moldex3D 2020


The latest version of Moldex3D 2020 opens up entirely new options and extraordinary possibilities for users in terms of advanced meshing and flexibility as well as for speed, error detections, simplified workflows etc., with its newly integrated sophisticated set of mesh tools. Find out more details in our article …

With the new release Moldex3D 2020 the capabilities of simulation for injection molding have been further extended. A special enhancement can be found within the mesh functionalities. Here, an entirely new developed set of mesh tools has been integrated into the software. Users can now easily spot and detect errors extremely fast by using the specially designed “Geometry Check and Defect Browser”. Other integrated tools have been optimized in such a way that the mesh face-fixing workflow can be performed in a really easy and time saving manner. Not to forget the modeling wizards which have undergone an intensive upgrade including the gate, runner and cooling channel options.

These new features definitely empower value, convenience, user experience and significant improvements to allow to get the most out of virtual simulation for injection molding.

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