Moldex3D Usermeeting on the racetrack
20. Mar 2018

Moldex3D Usermeeting on the racetrack

The exceptional ambience at the Hockenheimring added a special flair with a hint of racing atmosphere to this year's Germanspeaking Moldex3D Usermeeting. We, at SimpaTec, are extremely happy about the overall positive feedback which shows that we chose the right balance between content, discussion topics and the supporting program. A big thank you to everyone!!!

A special thank you to our speakers, who contributed significantly to the content of the event with extremely informative, vivid and high-quality technical contributions. Impressively and in detail the auditorium was presented with insights into the latest developments within the simulation technology and interesting aspects of theory-practice comparisons, which are certainly useful in dealing with one's own professional challenges.

Also a big thank you to our exhibitors gom, Kistler, Meusburger, Volume Graphics and Deckerform for their support on site and prior to the event.

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