Moldex3D R17 - Closing the gap between the physical and virtual worlds
10. May 2019

Moldex3D R17 - Closing the gap between the physical and virtual worlds


With the new release of Moldex3D R17 the capabilities of simulation for injection molding have been further extended. SimpaTec is proud to announce that the latest version has numerous new features and novelties which provide more comprehensive and realistic simulations to help close the gap between the physical and virtual worlds.
The completely new user interface and the unified simulation workflow allow users to gain deeper insights into product performance a lot faster and thus accelerating the decision-making process. In addition, to tackling the ever-growing demand for lightweight components in the automotive and aerospace sectors, Moldex3D R17 offers significant improvements in composites simulation solutions to meet various manufacturing needs.

A great deal of development effort has been put into bringing simulation one step closer to real-world manufacturing. The endurance payed off - Moldex3D R17 introduces new and enhanced skills to integrate physical molding into the virtual world, enabling the simulation software to better capture crucial information from the physical world. The software allows users to consider the dynamic machine response of an injection molding machine to ensure that the optimized processing conditions obtained from the analysis can be directly applied on the shop floor, bridging the gap between simulation and manufacturing.

Additionally, to machine characteristics, Moldex3D’s barrel compression functionality provides a more realistic prediction of material behaviors by simulating the actual compression behavior of melts inside the barrel and the nozzle, which empowers engineers to take into account the effect of material compressibility when injecting into the cavity, generating a more accurate injection pressure prediction.

SimpaTec is very eager to distribute the new release to their customers which is scheduled for summer this year.

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