Moldex3D R16 inspired by users
04. May 2018

Moldex3D R16 inspired by users

Powerful, modern, accelerating

SimpaTec is proud to announce the awaited new release R16 of Moldex3D. The new version has a stag full of new features and novelties which are driven primarily by customer’s feedback and which will substantially help part designers and mold makers to efficiently and effectively master their daily work whilst still achieving the best possible economic success.

New Coupled Viscoelasticity-Flow Analysis
Moldex3D R16 offers new Viscoelasticity-Flow (VE-Flow) Analysis, which uses a new type of coupling approach to realistically capture the real-world viscoelastic flow behaviors. The possibility of coupling viscoelasticity to flow enables more precise predictions of warpage, optical properties and flow-induced issues to meet strict quality demands and attain high precision parts.

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