Moldex3D Machine Characterization – Free Trial Program
26. Aug 2020

Moldex3D Machine Characterization – Free Trial Program


You have heard about ‘Moldex3D Machine Characterization’ but want to get a deeper insight into its range of application and all the benefits? Then take advantage of the free trial period, which is available for a limited period of time …

The Machine Characterization Service is committed to achieve digital twin in your industrial sector and to look for solutions of smart manufacturing.
Moldex3D introduces new and enhanced skills to integrate physical molding into the virtual world, enabling the simulation software to better capture crucial information from the physical world. The software allows users to consider the dynamic machine response of an injection molding machine to ensure that the optimized processing conditions obtained from the analysis can be directly applied on the shop floor, bridging the gap between simulation and manufacturing.

The Characterization furthermore enables users to:
_ Identify the injection speed response of the machine
_ Identify the injection pressure response of the machine
_ Analyze the actual response behavior of injection machine inside simulation
_ Enhance the molding simulation accuracy
_ Understand the specific characteristics for your machines

This program provides participants free access to the innovative Machine Characterization and assist the prospects to discover the countless possibilities.

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