Moldex3D Advanced Hot Runner
03. Feb 2021

Moldex3D Advanced Hot Runner

Especially for our users

The simulation model for an AHR simulation consists of all components of the hot runner system, the cavity(ies) and a surrounding tool block. Of course, temperature control in the mold can also be taken into account. For the calculation it is sufficient to link the model via non-matching technology.

The AHR license allows the use of the attribute "metal of the hot runner", which considers the hot runner components to be thermally insulated towards the mould. Contact surfaces to the mould, where the heat can escape from the hot runner system, can be defined by additional thermal boundary conditions. The heating elements can be controlled via sensor nodes in such a way that a defined temperature is maintained at a specified point. The results of the simulation can be used to analyze the temperature distribution in the entire hot runner system and thus support the respective question.

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