ISiT 2021 – Focus - Technology
05. May 2021

ISiT 2021 – Focus - Technology

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You are always at the state-of-the-art-technology and want it to remain that way? Then grab the opportunity and bring yourself up to date, learn about current development trends and find out more about future-oriented innovations in toolmaking and everything regarding topics dealing with design, integrative simulation, lightweight construction, materials and also research & development. Make your choice from a wide range of technical contributions and actively discuss your individual questions with experts ... yes, digitally this is also possible - at ISiT 2021 - on May 18 and 19, 2021.

You are interested in innovative methods and technologies as well as solution concepts for the holistic development and optimization of components, molds and processes in injection molding & FEM? A comprehensive understanding of the complex interaction of material, component properties and requirements, process conditions, influencing factors and phenomena during injection molding is the essential basis for an optimal, economical and cost-effective component design. The foundation for the subsequent success of a component or an efficient manufacturing process is thus laid as early as the component development phase. If everything does not run smoothly here - for example, if all influencing factors are not sufficiently analyzed, evaluated and taken into account - resulting component defects can cause a large proportion of additional costs due to necessary iterations in product, mold and process optimization - and thus call into question the entire economic efficiency of the process.

At ISiT, learn new details about holistic virtual product development by coupling the mechanical and process engineering development of a component - and how you can personally benefit from it! Design more efficient injection molds, avoid unnecessary troubleshooting of components or molds by means of simulation-based optimization steps carried out at an early stage, make the right choice of suitable materials before the first practical use, find a smooth, uniform level of communication between designers, manufacturers, mold makers, customers, business partners and employees ... Recognize the advantages of the technological possibilities and -in terms of factors such as efficient product design, optimization of the manufacturing process, quality assurance, resource savings- the ultimately indispensable necessity of a holistic approach to your manufacturing process.

Do you have questions about the development and optimization of the process, component and tool? Discuss your topics actively with speakers and attending experts and gather new impulses for your own use in your daily work. A special thank you already goes to our speakers, business partners and the entire SimpaTec team, who are shaping our ISiT 2021 so actively with their commitment and dedication!!!

We are at the pulse of time for you! Seize the straight opportunity of detailed knowledge transfer and information exchange at ISiT 2021!!! Register now! "Go for ISiT NOW! ...

The conference language is English. The participation is free of charge.

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