ISiT 2021 – Focus - Simulation
14. Apr 2021

ISiT 2021 – Focus - Simulation

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Does the topic "simulation" play a role for you?! Are you an engineer, designer, component designer, toolmaker, machine manufacturer, material manufacturer, supplier ... or generally dealing with the research, development and optimization of components, processes or tools? Then you definately should be part of our ISiT 2021 on May 18 and 19, 2021!!!

Continuously filtering the latest, global trends and bundling creative and innovative ideas into a powerful product portfolio - is our goal. Our roots - and our path - is and remains ‘simulation’. According to our company motto - “Break your limits” - we mutually open up and tackle new horizons - and actively discuss the current status, development trends and future-oriented innovations regarding topics such as toolmaking and design, integrative simulation, lightweight construction, materials or even research & development at our digital event ISiT 2021.

Would you like to learn more about "holistic virtual product development"? Products made of plastic are still essentially designed and optimized either in terms of production technology or mechanically. Quite often, the findings from one side are not utilized, analyzed and considered by the other side. And this, although the technological possibilities of a holistic approach are not only available - but even more - with regard to factors such as efficient product design, optimization of the manufacturing process, quality assurance, resource savings are absolutely recommendable. Discover more about the holistic virtual product development by coupling the mechanical and process engineering development of a component and how you personally can benefit from it.  

A comprehensive understanding of the complex interaction of material, component properties and requirements, process conditions, various influencing factors and phenomena during injection molding is the essential basis for an optimal, economical and cost-effective component design. Be inspired and implement the newly acquired information into your own environment - design more efficient injection molds, avoid unnecessary troubleshooting on components or molds by means of simulation-based optimization steps carried out at an early stage. Make the right choice of suitable materials before the first practical use, find a smooth, uniform level of communication between designers, manufacturers, mold makers, customers, business partners and employees ... Are you interested?

We are at the pulse of time for you! Grab this direct opportunity for detailed knowledge transfer and information exchange!!! The conference language is English. The participation is free of charge.

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