ISiT 2021 – Focus - iMPACT
21. Apr 2021

ISiT 2021 – Focus - iMPACT

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It's all a question of the right pressure 😉?! The use and influence of common 3D CAE technologies on the product development process is undisputed. But what good is their use if they are not applied optimally, results are not analyzed properly and insights gained are not implemented compactly and accurately? At ISiT 2021 you will learn about the latest news and trends in analytical, simulation and practical approaches to solutions based on application-specific case studies of the use of CAx products. Join us to actively discuss the current status, development trends and future-oriented innovations in the areas of process, material, structural mechanics and data handling. Register now for! ISiT 2021 on 18 and 19 May, 2021!!!

Topic-specific presentations and discussion rounds open up an active opportunity for the entire auditorium to present and discuss very individual questions dealing with the development and optimization of the process, component and mold to a competent group of participants and to benefit from new impulses for their own use in everyday professional life.
Maybe the comprehensive analysis of the packing phase with Moldex3D, the leading 3D CAE software solution for the design and optimization of the injection molding process, is sufficient for you? Moldex3D Pack analyzes, for example, the local density and the mass flow in the packing phase. Statements such as sealing time, volumetric shrinkage, pressure and temperature distribution or even sink marks allow a reliable basis for decision-making.  But a comprehensive understanding of the complex interaction of material, component properties and requirements, process conditions, various influencing factors and phenomena during injection molding is much better and the essential basis for an optimal, economical and cost-effective component design. Be inspired and implement the newly acquired information in your own environment - design more efficient injection molds, avoid unnecessary troubleshooting on components or molds by means of simulation-based optimization steps performed at an early stage. Make the right choice of suitable materials before the first practical use, find a smooth, uniform communication level between designers, manufacturers, mold makers, customers, business partners and employees ...

We are at the pulse of time for you! Grab this direct opportunity for detailed knowledge transfer and information exchange!!! The conference language is English. The participation is free of charge.

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