ISiT 2021 - a complete success !!
20. May 2021

ISiT 2021 - a complete success !!

400 interested participants followed the appeal "Go for ISiT now" ...
Of course we were hoping for success, but in the end we ourselves are a bit surprised about the extraordinarily gratifying, positive reception over the past 2 days - ISiT 2021 was a complete success!!! A big thank you goes to all our participants, speakers, business partners and the entire SimpaTec team, who so actively helped to shape our ISiT 2021 by their commitment and dedication and made it a success!!!

Yes, it's really true, more than 400 actively interested people took their chance to keep themselves up to date at our ISiT 2021 about the latest state-of-the-art, current development trends and future-oriented innovations regarding topics such as design, integrative simulation, lightweight construction, material and also research & development. 36 renowned experts from all over the world presented innovative methods, technologies and solution concepts for the holistic development and optimization of components, molds and processes in the field of injection molding and FEM. Amongst others, the focus was also set on new details about holistic virtual product development, in which the foundation for the later success of the component or an efficient manufacturing process can be laid by coupling the mechanical and process engineering development of a component!

If you unfortunately were unable to enter the world of our ISiT - but are still interested in a comprehensive understanding of the complex interaction of material, component properties and requirements, process conditions, influencing factors and phenomena during injection molding? Or do you have questions about the development and optimization of the process, component and mold? Please feel free to contact us - by phone, email or use the opportunity at one of our upcoming events:

_ Moldex3D Workshop, May 25-26, 2021
_ Webinar - CAx Lösungen für den 3D-Druck, May 26, 2021
_ SpotOn "Gas Assisted Injection Molding" (GAIM), June 17, 2021
_ 23. EKTT, June 17-18, 2021
_ Moldex3D Workshop, July 20-21, 2021
_ MiDay Deutschland 2021, September 14, 2021 in Böblingen

We are at the pulse of time for you! Seize the opportunity to exchange detailed know-how and information using our extensive range of events!

Bye, bye ISiT!!!
Welcome new challenges! See you soon!! Break your limits!


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