Improved analysis options in hot runner technology
14. Oct 2020

Improved analysis options in hot runner technology


Injection molders can fully exploit the advantages of sequential valve control, as Moldex3D now goes one step further and also supports the simulation of valve pin movement. Gain full control over the timing and the order of cavity fill pattern to prevent surface defects and improve part performance ...

Surface defects such as flow marks and weld lines are common defects in injection molded components. Especially for large components, where the optical appearance also plays a very important role, extremely high-quality surfaces are therefore required. In the current version of Moldex3D, the analysis options for hot runner technology have been improved and supplemented by decisive functions. For example, it is now possible to simulate the movement of the closing pin, which enables the user to take into account the influences of pin position and speed during the flow simulation. Thus, an influence of the variable pin position on the local flow velocity, shear and pressure loss can be displayed. These technical features offer the additional possibility to evaluate if and how the dynamic pin movement contributes to prevent flow marks and other cosmetic errors. This is an ideal way to avoid surface defects whilst improving the component quality as the same time.


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