Ideal component quality with Digimat-AM
24. Mar 2021

Ideal component quality with Digimat-AM


Multiple enhancements, a significant increase in the quality of the component, a more efficient workflow and new options and handling improvements are available to the user in the current release of Digimat. The user can particularly look forward to the numerous innovations in the field of additive manufacturing. For example, Digimat-AM also supports continuous fiber reinforced materials including the display of new results of the pososities.

Further highlights in Digimat-AM include:
_ Improved handling of the results in post-processing
      _ Automatic superposition, definition of a reference level for warpage evaluation
      _ Simple comparability between simulation and scan result (real adjustment)         
      _ Individual consideration for multi-component printing
_ Support of partial infill for FFF and FDM processes
_ Support of endless fibre reinforced materials
       _ Thermomechanical solver
       _ New result of porosity
_ Support for new 3D printers
       _ FFF: Roboze Argo 500 and MarkForged X7

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