Go Live! Now.
05. Mar 2018

Go Live! Now.

Long awaited – proudly we present our SimpaTec Website with its new ‘look and feel’. An intense phase of resourceful creativity lies behind us. Lots of coffee and nerve nourishment helped us to sight, categorize and finalize the texts, images, movies and background information. There was a lot to do, but above all, it was a lot of fun seeing the new project come to life. We are already looking forward to your reactions, comments maybe also suggestions for improvement. Not everything will be perfect in the beginning, and the so called typo gremlin will most likely have struck here and there. Respectively, we are particularly pleased about attentive Argus eyes, which help us to spot quirks so we can fix them afterwards.

We are thankful
- that our coffee machine survived the so to speak ‘hot’ phase
- to be able to pay more attention to the next project

But most of all
- for the great INTERNAL and EXTERNAL support

Surf through, we are eagerly looking forward to your feedback. Break your limits.
Have fun and GO!

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