From digital to personal - a pleasing turning point
16. Jun 2021

From digital to personal - a pleasing turning point

Let's Go & ACTION!!!
Finally - the turning point from digital back to personal contact is something we are fortunately experiencing in many areas at the moment. We've waited so long for this - finally being able to welcome you back in person at our events. From July 2021, for example, all our training courses will again be held as face-to-face events ...  June will still be a little bit digital - spontaneous last-minute attendees are cordially invited to register for our free SpotOn "Gas-Assisted Injection Molding (GAIM)" on Thursday, 17.06.2021, starting at 16.00 hrs in English ... 😉.

With full speed ahead!
From July 2021 we will hit the gound running - into on-site trainings. The first training course is scheduled for July 7 and 8, 2021 - having the topic "„Schulung Moldex3D Studio und Ergebnisinterpretation" our expert will show you in detail and vividly how to work with Moldex3D Studio as well as the interpretation of simulation results with Moldex3D. The goal is the independent processing of simulation projects with Moldex3D Studio as well as the independent practice-related evaluation of the available results. We are addressing users who have already participated in a basic training and have already gained some experience in using Moldex3D. If you are interested, please register directly now, our SimpaTec team in Reutlingen is already looking forward to numerous participants 😉!!! Of course, we offer our users many other training topics. Have a look at our wide range of training and further education possibilities or contact us for your individual inquiries at Surely there is something for everyone!

Communication and knowledge transfer are very dear to us.
Stay up-to-date with us. We look forward to meeting you.

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