Dr. Vito Leo - benefit from over 30 years of expertise in plastics!
20. Jan 2021

Dr. Vito Leo - benefit from over 30 years of expertise in plastics!

Dr. Vito leo is able to convey the physical processes of thermal processes as well as the interrelationships and mechanisms of the most complex processes - from filling to deformations - to his audience in a comprehensible way with simple words and a minimum of mathematics thanks to more than 30 years of of professional experience in the plastics industry.

SimpaTec has appreciated his expertise for a very long time. Since 2012 we have been organizing the successful seminar series "BIMS" together with and for Dr. Vito Leo exclusively in Germanspeaking countries. So far, the seminar series includes: BIMS 1 - The key to success for the optimal design of plastic components and BIMS 2 - Material selection, component design and component performance. It is considered to expand the BIMS series to include further specialist topics and is already partly in progress. New dates for the BIMS seminar series are being planned for 2021 and will be announced in good time via the known channels.
We always keen to welcome him as a speaker at one of our numerous events and value his expert contributions as they are an absolute enrichment and profound knowledge enhancement. Therefore, we are extremley pleased to have him as a guest speaker for our SpotOn "Weld Lines" next Thursday, January 28, 2021, 4:00 pm.

You should definitely get to know him!
Dr. Vito Leo is known in the plastics field primarily as a visonary and pioneer with an exceptional ambition to make engineers, designers and plastics experts smart. It is a matter of the heart for him to share his knowledge and to enlighten and to make the work easier for all those dealing with the topic of plastics on a daily basis, whether him being a seminar leader, a speaker or or also as a consultant. 

Interested? Then please feel free to contact us. 

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