Digital BIMS Seminars - "Almost perfect and makes appetite for more”
11. May 2021

Digital BIMS Seminars - "Almost perfect and makes appetite for more”

Far more than 2,100 satisfied and inspired participants of its BIMS seminar series repeatedly confirm how valuable the aha-impressions and realizations gained in the BIMS 1 and BIMS 2 seminars are for the occupation and everyday life. We are happy to pronounce that these throughout positive conceptions also account for the digital sessions which took place in April 2021.

The participants of the last events were more than impressed, how Dr. Vito Leo succeeds to convey in a clear understandable way the connections and mechanisms of the most complex injection molding processes using simple words and a minimum of mathematics. These are not just mere words – some of the attendee’s statements ‘just melt in one’s mouth’ 😊:

Fundamental physics of the behavior of polymeric materials is presented in a very elegant way. On top of that, the wide range of examples brought by Vito's broad experience provides a lot of value to this training.
(Robert Bosch GmbH)

The vast knowledge gained from a lifetime in the field of plastics processing,' what you learn here makes you think outside the box of everyday simulation work. Questions from practice are answered competently and comprehensively. All that remains for me to say is: "Keep it up!"
(Schöfer GmbH)

Almost perfect! Complex facts are conveyed in an understandable way and make appetite for more!
(Harald Götz, Vibracoustic SE & CO. KG)

"A very good opportunity to deepen ones knowledge in the field of injection molding."
(Festool GmbH)

"A top-class expert training that represents real added value. Such a deep understanding is rarely conveyed."
(TE Connectivity)

"The BIMS seminar provides a compact entry to deal with the injection molding process far off from the usual literature. In the very intensive seminar you get a good overview of what is really important in injection molding from a physical point of view."

We appreciate Dr. Vito Leo’s cooperation and assistance in organizing further BIMS seminars with us exclusively in Germany and we look forward to be able to offer you further dates soon.

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