Detect errors early and efficiently!
27. Jan 2021

Detect errors early and efficiently!

Our Moldex3D Day-Workshops, are specially designed for a swift introduction to the subject matter and are created to help you get started with injection molding simulation. Learn more about the following topics:


With the support of the modern GUI of Moldex3D R17 and the new BLM method, the component, distribution and temperature control system in a true 3D volume mesh can be meshed within a very short time. Here, the user is supported by clever wizards, with which the first distribution and temperature control systems can be created in just a few seconds. The combination of functionality and technology guarantees extremely accurate results, on which more than 3,500 customers worldwide rely on every day.

During the workshop, all above mentioned topics of the software will be shown using various components. For example, you will learn hot you can alternatively enter the profiles of the filling and packing phase via the panel of the injection molding machine - having access to over 2,500 machines from more than 50 manufacturers, which will perfectly support you in the implementation of the simulation parameters of the machine and especially in problem cases. Additionally, topics regarding warpage and distortion, as well as the export of these results for tool provision and the fibers for structural analysis will be a focus of the workshop.

After having obtained a 4-week complete version the aim of the workshop is that the participants can create and interpret simulations on their own.

Due to the current situation, we offer this workshop online arranged over two mornings from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., so you can participate quickly, easily and conveniently from your office or home.

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