„C‘est la vie – how time flies“
04. Jun 2020

„C‘est la vie – how time flies“

"How time flies!" fits perfectly. Not long ago we celebrated SimpaTec ‘s, today one of the leading engineering and software companies for the plastics processing industry,15 year anniversary and soon the next event will be coming up - SimpaTec Sarl will celebrate its 10th anniversary in September 2020!

At the beginning …
The idea to intensify and expand the company's own radius of action beyond the borders of Germany started to develop at the end of 2009, when Fabien Buchy joined the SimpaTec team in Aachen in February 2009, after having met Cristoph Hinse at a Moldex3D presentation. Fabien brought along not only expert knowledge in the field of injection molding simulation, which he had already acquired during his engineering studies at the University of Metz, but also practical professional experience, which he was able to acquire at BEHR FRANCE, first as a calculation engineer and later being responsible for the area of plastics simulation. At SimpaTec, Fabien was solely responsible for sales, customer service and project management in the French region from the very beginning. Early on he recognized the strong potential of the French market. This was the reason that Cristoph and Fabien decided to found a French subsidiary.

10 years - Milestones …
With the foundation of SimpaTec Sarl, Fabien took over the overall responsibility for France, Belgium and the Netherlands as Managing Director – a great long-desired wish came true.
In 2009 he signed his first Moldex3D contract with Behr France, the beginning of a great adventure and in 2010 he organized his first event in Lyon, France - a real success. Year after year he was seen at more locations, conferences, trade fairs or meetings, intensively involved in further expanding the dialogue with the industry and conquering new markets. He established new business contacts, for example with Dr. Vito LEO, whose BIMS seminars quickly became an important part of his events in France. In 2018, he organized his largest conference to date, the MTC in Paris, for CoreTech, the software manufacturer of Moldex3D. More than 200 people attended!! What a huge triumph. Step by step he developed SimpaTec Sarl to its current position of a market leader in France. He succeeded in convincing many companies that the contribution of simulation is real capital and the use of a 3D CAE software tool can make the decisive difference in daily competition.

If one was to describe Fabien, the following characteristic features suit him perfectly - always eager for knowledge, open, willing to share & discuss know-how, to exchange ideas, curious about people and willing to get involved with them. He rarely talks about customers, but about partners. Every partner opens up new horizons, new interesting content and helps him to satisfy his thirst for knowledge. Fabien succeeded in forming a perfectly coordinated, powerful team of meanwhile five employees from the then one-man company. Each of them fulfils his tasks with comprehensive expertise, commitment, discipline and integrity, whether it being in the office or on the road, at company events, trade fairs, conferences, meetings or at customers, potential customers, business partners or interested parties - MERCI for 10 years of active support and valued cooperation!

Great events cast their shadows up front ...
Due to the current Covid19 restrictions, a proper celebration this year will most likely not be possible, so we have decided to celebrate the 10th anniversary duly at the next International SimpaTec User Meeting 2021. For the first time, a user meeting will therefore not be held on German soil. The venue will be in Strasbourg, the capital of the Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine region in the north-east of France and being the official seat of the European Parliament. As soon as the date is set - most likely in spring 2021 - invitations will be sent out to our users.

Cristoph Hinse, Managing Director of SimpaTec, and Fabien Buchy, Managing Director of SimpaTec Sarl, as well as the entire SimpaTec team, are already looking forward to "toasting" the 10th anniversary of SimpaTec Sarl with customers, business partners and all participants. Cheers & until then!

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