"BIMS - Aha-experiences & valued insights for the injection molding daily work routine!"
30. Sep 2020

"BIMS - Aha-experiences & valued insights for the injection molding daily work routine!"


You should actually know him but if not then you must get to know him! Dr. Vito Leo not only loves music; in the plastics industry he is known as a pioneer with an irrepressible ambition to make engineers, designers and plastics experts smart. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and explaining scientific backgrounds and theories in order to make everyday work easier for all those who deal with plastics on a daily basis. And all this in his spare time, in addition to his actual professional activity. However, according to his own statement, he is very much looking forward to being able to devote himself fully to his favorite hobbyhorse from spring 2021 onwards. We are looking forward to it 😊!

More than 2,100 satisfied and inspired participants of its BIMS seminar series repeatadly confirm how valuable the aha-impressions and realizations gained in the BIMS 1 and BIMS 2 seminars are for the occupation and everyday life:

"After 18 years of working as a design and project engineer, I came to injection molding as a career changer. After one year of working with Moldex3D, I gained a lot of physical basics from the seminar. Approx. once a month I regularly use the documents to explain to colleagues how things are connected or what causes problems in injection molding and to perform remedial measures. (Jürgen Mackensen, Autoliv, BIMS 1 participant)

"... a very good opportunity to deepen ones knowledge in the field of injection molding." (Christian Poitz, Festool GmbH, BIMS 1 participants)

"Interesting contents, which the speaker more than skillfully and memorably conveys. The one or other 'aha-experience' and many insights that can be applied to problems in everyday work. Course in English language - more than helpful for everyday work (vocabulary expansion)!
All in all, an all-round successful event! (Verena Keil, Autoliv, BIMS 2 participant)

"A top-class expert training, which represents real added value. Such a deep understanding is otherwise only rarely conveyed." (Falk Schroeter, TE Connectivity, BIMS 2 participant)

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BIMS 2 - Webinar on October 14, 2020, 11.00 a.m. (The language of the event is English).

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BIMS 1 - Online seminar, October 20-23, 2020, 9.00 to 13.00 hrs
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