Automatically generate center lines
03. Jun 2020

Automatically generate center lines

Especially for our users

The manual tracing of center lines based on existing CAD geometries is a time-consuming task whilst preparing a simulation. The "extcntlines" command in Moldex3D Studio is a useful function that facilitates everyday pre-processing and automatically generates center lines of rotationally symmetrical geometries like conventional cooling channels. Subsequently, the functions for processing geometries in Moldex3D allow you to shorten and adjust the lines in order to trim the lines in the area of possible auxiliary holes.

An advantage of the line-based modeling of the cooling and gating system is the lower vulnerability for meshing errors and the realization of a hexahedron-based mesh. The use of an hexahedra mesh element type has numerical advantages compared to tetrahedral elements, so that higher quality results are possible with a smaller number of elements and less calculation time. In addition, a line-based modeling of the hot runner allows the mapping of a hot runner needle and the needle movement. In this case, the hot runner needle and compression zone are automatically generated during meshing.

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