Attention for the inquisitive ones 😉!!
19. Aug 2021

Attention for the inquisitive ones 😉!!

Securing advanced knowledge!
Don't wait until the budgets for 2022 are requested, planned and decided. Think about securing your knowledge advantage already now and inform yourself about our current training and further education offers. The precise use of high-quality simulation tools, and above all qualified users, guarantee the path to the optimal product, bring you the decisive knowledge boost for the next career leap. Join us in setting new standards in the holistic development and optimization of processes, components and tools. We offer you, our users, customers, partners as well as inquisitive interested parties, qualified training and further education possibilities individually tailored to your requirements.

Inform yourself now and take a proactive approach!
Get yourself and your employees ready for the holistic development and optimization of processes, components and tools! Define and pursue efficient goals, think beyond previous boundaries, conquer new horizons and venture into fresh projects!

Get to know more about the latest research results, current development trends, innovative methods, solution concepts or practical tips & tricks for daily use. This is how our team of experts brings you up to date with the latest technology and explains methods and procedures using concrete, practical case studies. For example, regarding the FEM design of plastic components, whether it being the prediction of fiber orientation, weld lines or also the handling of interfaces to common FEM software packages - bring precision into your calculations by taking into account the component properties regarding the manufacturing process and benefit from the advantages of a holistic virtual product development.  

Our extensive range of training and further education courses focuses on the injection molding and FEM application areas and will give you a more detailed insight into topics such as the
__ component design and calculation using modern CAE methods,
__ non-linear, multiscale structural analysis,
__ additive manufacturing,
__ multidisciplinary optimization,
__ material characterization and modeling,
__ analysis and preparation of CAD data, etc.

Just take a closer look and make your selection. On request, we will also be happy to create a tailor-made training and development concept for you or your employees (

Break your limits. Challenge us.


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