AGENDA with top class presentations
23. Jan 2019

AGENDA with top class presentations

International SimpaTec Usermeeting

Blending does it!
PRACTICE - THEORY - TRADITION - INTERNATIONAL. We are delighted to be able to offer high-caliber contributions from the Moldex3D user group to the participants of our International SimpaTec Usermeeting. Technically based simulation analysis, practical examples and experiences regarding topics such as weld line problems, fiber orientation, pressure losses in hot runner systems, properties of thermosets, HP-RTM processes and much more are to be expected. Seasoned with a bit of theory well dosed by dr. Vito Leo - he will give a short theoretical insight into the topic "anisotropy and distortion" -, TRADITION - the always eagerly awaited presentation from Venny Yang, on all future-relevant news and development projects for Moldex3D, in addition promises the international component all being an extremely interesting and exciting range of presentations.

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