Moldex3D Professional Basic

Fast detection of component weaknesses

Simple and easy-to-use CAE diagnostic tool

Moldex3D Professional Basic is a simple and easy-to-use CAE diagnostic tool for designers to detect weak points of the part and tool layout as early as the preliminary development phase, making it possible to initiate appropriate countermeasures.

Most problems in the production of die injection molding components already evolve during the component development. The elimination of such resulting errors causes a large part of the additional costs of iterations in product, tool and process optimization.
  • Automation

    The fully automatic networking saves geometry processing and time for network operations.

  • Insight

    Component defects are detected and optimized at an early stage of the design process.

  • Familiarity

    Simulation capabilities are carried out in the familiar CAD environment.

  • Integration

    Seamless transfer of all results within the complete Moldex3D product family.

Filling results - Basis for discussion on further developments

Moldex3D Professional Basic enables the designer to identify component failures, such as weld lines or air pockets and to optimize wall thicknesses. Briefly spoken - he is able to check the manufacturability of the component and tools at a very early stage of the product development process.

Integrated into common CAD software tools, the designer has fast and direct access to all functionalities of Moldex3D. Filling results, cross sections, as well as XY curves and the possibilities to generate reports in HTML format, are provided to further discuss evaluations of the product, tool or process.
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