27 Aug 2020 09:00 - 12:00
in Online-Kurs

Update Training Course Moldex3D 2020


In difficult times, like we are currently experiencing with the corona virus, it is important to hold together and find solutions mutually. That is why we have decided to offer our
update training Moldex3D 2020 online for you.

Being up-to-date! The current version Moldex3D 2020 contains many new technical developments, extended functionalities and substantial improvements in the handling of the simulation tool.

The goal of the update training course is the textual mediation of all necessary content, skills and functionalities in order to achieve the maximum benefit for your own everyday use of the software package.

Some of the highlights of Moldex3D 2020 include:
Usability & Speed
Moldex3D keeps pushing the boundaries to develop hardcore simulation capabilities and optimizing solver for faster calculation time.

Advanced Features
Version 2020 has been making great leaps in enhancement of RTM and Foaming capabilities like simulating 2D woven fabric and retraction of thermoset materials. With Moldex3D, you can walk on an easier path when developing and innovating products.

Data-driven Teamwork
iSLM is a data management system that is accessed through browsers. The workflow becomes more systematically and automatically through three main modules: Knowledge Management, Mold Tryout Management, and Solution Management.

Participation fee:
The fee for this training amounts to 1 SimpaTrons (SimpaTron=245.00 € +VAT).

Alternatively: total 270.00 Euros (+VAT)

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  • The participation fee entitles to take part in the individual event and includes the complete presentation material and all food and beverages for the respective period of time for one person. The accounting takes place directly after having registered. Cancellations up to 30 days before the event are free of charge. In case of a cancellation 2 weeks prior to the event we charge 70%; after that 100% of the participation fee.


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