15 Dec 2020 until 18. Dec 2020 09:00 - 12:00
in Online Training

Training Moldex3D Professional - Part 2


The focus of the second part of the eight-day training is set on conveying important insights into how Moldex3D Professional works. The participants learn how meshing is done with the Designer BLM and how to operate Moldex3D.

The goal is the independent processing of simulation projects using Moldex3D Professional as well as the interpretation of simulation results from filling to distortion.

To guarantee you the usual quality of the training, contents are only conveyed during the morning from 9.00 to 12.00 hrs. The first part of the training will take place from December 01 to 04, 2020.

Target persons: The training is intended for beginners of Moldex3D.

Participation fee:
Please look at Training Moldex3D Professional part 1



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