Case study runner modification

Gating balance in multiple cavity tools

Many plastic components are manufactured in multiple cavity tools. This goes hand in hand with the problem of unbalanced filling. In Moldex3D, not only the cavity, but also the gating system is meshed with volume elements. This makes it possible to analyze shear effects as well as temperature distributions and thus different viscosities in the gating system.

The following example shows a classical H-manifold of an 8-cavity. Despite equal flow path lengths, the cavities fill only unevenly. In practice, this is usually compensated by adjusting the gate diameter. Thus, the filling problems are often postponed in packing. This causes a different freezing of the runner and a non-uniform distortion of the components can be the result. Additional costs for changing the tool inevitably occur.

Looking at the temperature distribution in the gating system, one can see that the different filling behavior is due to uneven distribution of heating due to dissipation. With the patented MeltFlipper-Technology from Beaumont, the melt can be redirected so that a more homogeneous temperature distribution in the gating system is achieved and a uniform filling without undesirable side effects is ensured.