22 Apr 2021 10:00 - 12:45
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SpotOn XXL – “Hot Runner“


You are cordially invited to take a look at our free event series SpotOn. Today's focus is on the subject of "hot runner". And because the topic is so important to us, we decided to turn it into a SpotOn XXL 😉.

Surface defects such as flow marks and weld lines are known defects in injection molded components. Especially large components, where the visual appearance plays a very important role, extremely high-quality surfaces are required. Are you interested in how you can improve the quality of your component with modern hot runner technology? Then this is the place to be! Find out the latest trends, possibilities and future innovations in terms of hot runner technology!

We are extremely pleased to welcome our guest speakers, who give us a practical and honest insight into the current status of hot runner technology:
Our thanks go to >> Mr. Volker Wittmer, Technical Sales Engineer at HASCO hot runner, who will introduce "Streamrunner - adaptively manufactured hot runner systems".
We are very pleased to welcome >> Mr. Janis Magin, FDU Hotrunner GmbH, on board. He presents the FDU wide slot technology, a completely new, innovative technology for your hot runner application.
Thank you in advance >> Mr. Stephan Berz, Vice President HRSflow Sales, for your technical article "Process & part improvement using the servo-driven valve gate system FLEXflow Evo".
With great interest and excitement, we await the technical contributions from >> Mr. Thomas Bechtel, Global Sales Director Packaging & Medical at Moldmasters on the subject of "Innovative hot runner solutions to increase quality and productivity" and >> Manuel Kaletsch, EWIKON hot runner systems, on "smart CONTROL - The digital future of hot runner technology".

Furthermore, our Mr. Cristoph Hinse, General Manager of SimpaTec, explains simulation-driven optimization possibilities. For example, he will demonstrate, how you can fully exploit the advantages of sequential valve control with Moldex3D or how you can achieve complete control over both - the time and the sequence - of the filling process of the cavity with the aim to substantially improve your component quality ...

The event will be moderated by Mr. Marc Kurz, Managing Director of SimpaTec. You are invited to ask questions in the chat during the entire event. We are happy to answer the most important chat questions in the discussion at the end of the SpotOn.

Broaden your horizons and find out about current developments in the field of hot runner technology:
Agenda (Time zone EDT):
10.00    "Welcome to our SpotOn's"
               Marc Kurz, SimpaTec
10.05    "Streamrunner
             - Additive Manufacturing in the Hotrunner Production from HASCO hot runner"
             Volker Wittmer, HASCO hot runner, Team NW
10.30    "FDU wide slot technology:
             The new idea for your application - the slightly different hot runner system"
             Janis Magin, FDU Hotrunner GmbH
10.55    "Hot runner - 3D simulation right into detail"
             Cristoph Hinse, SimpaTec
11.20    "Process & part improvement using the servo-driven valve gate system FLEXflow Evo"
             Stephan Berz, HRSflow Sales
11.45    "Innovative hot runner solutions for an increase of quality and productivity"
             Thomas Bechtel, Moldmasters
12.10    "smart CONTROL – The digital future of hot runner technology"
             Manuel Kaletsch, EWIKON Heißkanalsysteme GmbH
12.35    Discussion of the chat questions

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>>> the free SpotOn "Heißkanal" on Thursday, April 15, 2021, 11.00 a.m. (MEZ) in German!

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