23 Sep 2021 16:00 - 17:05
in Digital | Zeitzone MESZ

SpotOn – "Machine Response"


Start of the event:
04:00 pm (CEST, Berlin, Germany)
10:00 am (EDT, North Carolina, US)
09:00 pm (ICT, Bangkok, Thailand)

You are cordially invited to take a look at our free event series SpotOn. Today's focus is set on subject “machine response”.

Find out how physical injection molding can be transferred to the virtual world using special methods that optimally capture the most important information from the physical world. With modern simulation tools such as Moldex3D, users are able to consider the dynamic machine response of an injection molding machine. Optimized processing conditions obtained from the analysis can be directly applied on the shop floor, bridging the gap between simulation and manufacturing.

We are extremely looking forward to our guest speaker __ Bernhard Radler, Schöfer GmbH, who gives us a practical insight into how the gap between the physical and the virtual world can be closed. We are already very excited.  
Furthermore, our __ Cristoph Hinse, General Manager of SimpaTec, will present current simulation optimization possibilities on the subject of "injection molding machines response". In detail - how Moldex3D enables you to capture the real machine response, to import real injection molding machine data into the virtual simulation and how to achieve the maximum benefit from the combination of real data and the simulation?
The event will be moderated by our __ Steffen Paul, Managing Director, SimpaTec. You are welcome to ask questions in the chat during the entire event. We are happy to answer the most important chat questions in the discussion at the end of the SpotOn.

Broaden your horizons and find out about current developments in the field of machine response.
16.00  "Welcome to our SpotOn's"
           Steffen Paul, SimpaTec
16.05  "Closing the gap between the physical and virtual world"
           Bernhard Radler, Schöfer GmbH
16.35  "The maximum benefit from the combination of real injection molding machine data
           and virtual simulation"
           Cristoph Hinse, SimpaTec
17.05  Discussion of the chat questions

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